What is KFP®? (Hydraulic turbine software)

Hydraulic turbine software

KFP® is a technological app in the clouds. It is used to select and calculate hydraulic turbines as Kaplan, Francis and Pelton. It is validated by the experience of TECSIMAT® in this type of engineering issues. This application is designed as an initial concept tool for hydraulic turbine installations and is proposed for:

•Energetic studies committees,
•University departments, technical schools, etc,
•Politic or decision making agents.,
•R&D centers,
•Expert report,
•Renewal energies investors and entrepreneurs,
•Hydroelectric companies,
•Insurance companies,

This program is based in mathematical algorithms that lead to a real solution without the need of taking any alternative. It is not necessary that the users have technical knowledge to use the program.

To run the program there should only be known the net head (m) and the flow (m³/s). The rest of the variables will be given automatically by the program in case the user do not know them.

In case the user knows these variables: Head, latitude, water temperature, etc. They could be introduced on the algorithm.


Usuario: demo
Password: demo

A real case rapport of each of the turbine types can be checked and print. Also a real plan of the design can be printed.

The DEMO and the LICENSED program have a 60 min log out period. This only applies when the program is not used for more than 60 min, the program can be restarted at any point.

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