Restrictions KFP®


Different between real cases and the information supplied by KFP® can differ.
These discrepancies are usually due to the data supplied on the calculation. The data supplied cannot have into consideration some external aspects about the hydraulic machines and their accessories:

• Environmental impact
• Reserved flows or ecological flows
• Fauna migration
• Security (personnel, machinery, buildings).
• Technical improvements (mechanic, electric, electronic control, software.)
• Flood risk
• Water supply obligation
• Land geology and morphology
• Water quality (sediments, chemicals, etc)
• Seismology
• Access
• Right-of-way
• Expropriations
• Energy evacuation lines
• Geographic limits
• Political agreements

In case you are not familiar with the formulation (equations) vocabulary, units or turbine symbols, etc. We strongly recommend to read first the help from the same DEMO or from here (“print all touch the image i”)


This program is meant to be used as evaluation for a preliminary project. For the real project, please contact a specialized company.

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