Rapport standard KFP®

The data supplied by KFP®:

• Turbine type (Kaplan, Francis or Pelton);
• Turbine output (kw);
• Speed (r/m);
• Diameter, runner, shaft, inlet, and exit. (mm);
• Jet number
• Setting to tailwater, Hs (m);
• Runaway speed (r/m);
• Flow at runaway speed (m³/s);
• Hydraulic thrust + weight ™;
• GD2- (Inertia). (kg x m2);
• Performance – turbine. η(%) – Q(m³/s)
• Performance gear box (if applies). η(%) – Pot(%);
• Performance generator. η(%) – Pot(%);
• Valve type (butterfly- spherical);
• Valve diameter (mm);
• Drawing (mm or mtr);
• 3 axis graph η(%) – Q(m³/s) – Pot(kw).

All the data is supplied in A4 format, editable and printable.

Along with the program you will receive a complete set of plans for each type of turbine. You can download them directly from the browser or in PDF format from the rapport.

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