KFP® license

The user agrees to:

(1) Not to transfer KFP® login and/or password to third parties.
(2) Not to modify the source code from any of KFP® parts.
(3) Use KFP® correctly: using the KFP® help manuals and KFP® use.
(4) Communicate any error or malfunction to KFP®.
(5) Quote KFP® if used for magazines, books, revisions, thesis, bibliographies etc. Please communicate it to KFP®, so we can publish it on the webpage.

KFP® agrees to:

(1) Two years license.
(2) Offer online help during the license period.
(3) Communicate to the user any update, news or new programs.
(4) Will not be responsible of misuse, negligence, and if the programmed is used for other uses for which it the program is not intended.
(5) KFP® reserve all rights in relation to the program in the event of patent or the registration of a utility model.
(6) Consider all the types of risks that have been identified based on the data provided to KFP ®, for users and their own assumptions;
(7) Reply all the licesenced users.
(8) Update the program according to the changes on technical aspects and science, no representing a guarantee of its quality, durability and/or reliability in the legal sense, not replace, the obligation of the user to verify the results of the program.

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